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WordPress with Google Doc’s

New Addon (well new to me)

I was doing a bit of digging in connecting google doc’s with a wordpress website. I had something else in mind. I wanted to see if i could use a google spreadsheet to update content on a site. Jury’s still out on that one but I came across this for Google Docs It take a little bit of setting up but once its up and running it’s pretty easy. Basically create a google doc file. Name it and write it.

Then once installed from the link go to Add-ons –… – open

You’ll see a WordPress box appear on the right of your window. Once you’ve written your article you can click save and it will save as a draft on your wordpress site.

Once its saved you can preview it on wordpress and publish when you’re ready.

Wedding Website up and Running!

Time is ticking down on my wedding so I created a website so people could find out information on it. Its basically all about Myself & Sofie, Our wedding party, Directions, Where to stay for the Guests & when The Invites go out people will be able to RSVP as-well.